Master's degree in Applied Languages (online)

Previous academic training

Students who can provide proof of previous professional experience in an area related to the Master’s Degree and/or previous academic studies (PhD courses, related master’s degrees or other postgraduate studies) may apply for formal recognition of these credits, according to the terms and conditions specified in the regulations.

However, the credit recognition scheme does not apply to the Final Master’s Dissertation, and previous work at this level (minor thesis, Diploma of Advanced Studies, etc.) may not be used. Thus, it is compulsory that the Final Master’s Dissertation be completed as part of the Master in Applied Languages.


Students should apply for credit recognition during the pre-enrolment period.

Once admitted in the Master's programme and before submitting the application (see below), the Master's Coordination will contact students in order to plan their own credit recognition. Prior to the beginning of the year, students who have applied for credit recognition will be informed of the committee’s decision.

The credits to be considered should be registered during the enrolment period of the Master, and the total amount paid according to the prices stipulated within the established period.

The recognition of credits is decided by the Committee of Studies of the Master, who compare previously acquired competences and derived knowledge with those expected to be obtained under the syllabus which is applied for.

Students will be reimbursed the cost of the recognised credits by bank transfer.

It is recommended that students who apply for credit recognition pay for enrollment on the Master in installments, unless they are international students. Send an email to the Coordination for further enquiries about this topic.


Number of credits that can be recognised

Practical work experience

Maximum 5 credits of the Master's programme (one subject)

Previous academic studies

Unaccredited degrees (unofficial master’s and postgraduate degrees)

Second degrees (undergraduate degrees or official master’s)

Maximum 25 credits

Doctoral studies

Maximum 25 credits

Diplomas, technical architecture and technical engineering


Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA), Final Master’s Dissertation (TFM), doctoral theses



Deadlines for credit recognition



Application (in Catalan) submission for credit recognition (simultaneous to enrolment) (Form in Spanish here)

At the moment of enroling on subjects

Sending out documentation for credit recognition

At the moment of enroling on subjects

Result notification of credit recognition application

During the month of October



- Academic recognition of credits Royal Decree no. 861/2010 (BOE July 3rd); revision of Royal Decree no. 1393/2007

- UdL regulations on credit recognition and transfer. Academic year 2012-13