Master's degree in Applied Languages (online)


Alejandra Svarstad Munoz
Year 2017-18
Graduated in Language and Culture in the University of Los Andes, Colombia (2000)
"One of the advantages of the Master of Applied Linguistics is its online modality. This allowed me to carry out my studies from Norway while not having to interrupt my job obligations at any time. I have acquired new knowledge and memorable moments of a lot of learning and hard work under the guidance of professors with experience in their field. Physical distance never was an impediment to count with the closeness, warmth and professionalism of both the coordination and the professors that the masters counts with. Thanks!".


María Torres

Year 2015-16
BA in Applied Languages (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and in Aragonese Philology (University of Zaragoza)
"The online pedagogical model of the master's programme was one of the resons which persuade me to enrol in this programme. The online model has helped me to reconcile these studies with others I had started. The choice of subjects that are taught seems very appropriate to me and the communication through the virtual platform has been agile with all the teaching staff. It has been easy to work and learn through a virtual platform, even though at the beginning I thought this was going to become a problem in my motivation as a student. I recommend the Master since it gives the opportinity to continue studying and researching in the field of applied linguistics. I also believe that this programme can help teachers be professionally updated."


Irati Diert (link a YouTube)

Year 2015-16
BA in English Studies (Universitat de Lleida)

"This master has given me the opportunities and tools not only to broaden my knowledge in Applied Linguistics but also to become a researcher. As a matter of fact, thanks to it, now I'm carrying out my doctoral thesis at the same university [of Lleida].However, since not all the students are willing to become researchers, the master also offers a parallel trajectory, which is much more practical, in which students can do internships."



Yifei Kou Liu (link to YouTube)
Year 2014-2015
Graduated in Economy and Foreign Trade, University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), Beijing, China (class 1991-1995)
Teacher of Chinese as a foreign language in private educative sector in Spain
  "The Master of Applied Linguistics at the University of Lleida has allowed me to achieve a high and varied level of training, overcome language and cultural barriers. The subjects and structure of the modules have been of great interest covering all necessary measures to train as a person and professional in these field areas. It's important to highlight the unquestionable quality of technical and teaching staff of the Master, their presence, constant dedication and helpfulness made me feel supported at all times, resolving doubts and clarifying how to proceed to optimize learning. Definitively, an enriching and a highly recommended experience".



Ana Belén Pérez
Curs 2014-2015
BA in Spanish Philology and teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language
  "I decided to take this master's programme because it was related to my professional tasks The master turns out to be a very complete programme because it studies language teaching topics and also business-oriented topics. The training offered, the methodology and the subjects are perfectly designed for the online pedagogical model. This method allows flexibility when carrying tasks that are proposed, which are perfectly planned and communicated to the students on the virtual platform in a clear and organized way. Instructors' assistance is excellent. The study requires workload, but the kind of learning achieved once the programme finishes certainly makes up for it. Just to add that I recommend it 100% and it has relly met my expectations".



Carolina Doncel
Year 2014-2015
BA in Social Communication - Journalism (
Uniminuto, Colombia)
  "I value the Master in Applied Linguistics positively, as its graduates can acquire and expand knowledge on the teaching of languages and linguistic consultancy. The virtual mode in which it’s imparted makes it easy for students to adjust their schedules. The web platform is well organized and easy to use to carry out the learning activities. Although the virtual mode requires more commitment and responsibility, we have the support of teachers and administrative staff during the period of study so that we are not alone in the process. I hope it can be useful and also take the opportunity to thank the support they gave me during the Master".


Qiankun Zhang

Qiankun Zhang
Year 2012-2013
BA in Spanish by Capitalina Pedagogical University, Institute of Foreign Languages of China

  "I've been very lucky to choose this Master online, because the teachers are very responsible and efficient and I did not feel alone, because I knew they were always on the other side of the computer to help me; because of my condition as a foreign student, I have learned a variety of knowledge related to Applied Linguistics in this master, and I have also been able to improve my Spanish; because I felt close to my colleages as we always communicated questions or comments about the tasks, although I did not know them personally".


ferran costa 2

Ferran Costa Marimon
Year 2012-2013
Bachelor of Arts Degree, Relacions Internacionals, Econòmiques (minor). Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois, USA
Member of the Executive Board of Inlingua International (Andorra)
  "I make a very positive assessment of this master. Personally, it has helped me to improve the knowledge in areas where I regularly work with and now I can apply the contents learnt in my job. On the other hand, the practical approach of many subjects is noteworthy, which is appreciated when you are already immersed in the professional world. Special mention is addressed to teachers, who have always been available to answer any questions and provide the necessary support. This proximity, both teachers and peers, and the inherent flexibility of online education have made the Master in Applied Languages were an ideal program".


Oscar Kem-mekah

Oscar Kem-mekah Kadzue
Year 2011-2012
BA in Applied Foreign Language (French, English and Spanish) from the University of Dschang (Cameroon)
  "The general evaluation is very positive, really. The faculty's kindness and proximity is valuable: without stopping being your teachers, they become your colleages, your friends and your travelling companion during this virtual experience. They are always there when you need advice, and above all, replying very soon. They were always online waiting for our doubts".


veronica segarra_1

Verònica Segarra
Year 2011-2012
BA in Catalan Philology (UdL) and Masters in Speech Therapy (UPC). Professional field: Speech Therapy
  “The Master’s degree is very well organized, and with many guidelines, which really helps the students a lot. Moreover, given that it is totally virtual, your working schedule and the study schedule can be compatible".



Hugo Bejarano
Year 2010-2011
Bachelor of Arts. He is engaged in university teaching and educational consulting in Columbia. He currently has a number of roles, including Schools Delegate for Columbia, Madrid, Spain, Representative for Columbia of the Instituto de Lenguas Verde Amarelo Portugues Oniline, and Postgraduate School Coordinator in Columbia, Universidad del Mar, Viña del Mar, Chile
  “I consider the Master’s in Applied Languages a high-quality course due to the content and the excellent staff. In particular I’d like to highlight the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of the tutors in responding in the shortest time possible to any concerns of the students through the Virtual Campus, including Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays. In my case, and in spite of the time difference, they were always attentive and my doubts were always resolved, however insignificant they appeared to be. The coordinator of the master’s was in particular exceptional in her dedication, care and timeliness, a significant factor in the success of the course. Moreover, some tutors took it upon themselves to add a touch of human warmth and positive motivation, and encouragement on a journey that was more often than not challenging. The fact that it was online meant that it was accessible to everyone at the click of a button”


Josep Maria Corretger i Olivart - p

Josep M. Corretger
Year 2010-2011
BA in Catalan Philology and secondary school teacher
  “I think highly of all the teaching staff and their prompt response to any queries, as well as their explanation of errors in such a manner so as to help to subsequently improve the mark attained in the practical.
In some cases, the tutor allowed us to send drafts, or gave us one practical per month to complete, which helped us to prepare them with time and consideration. In my opinion, being able to work at a distance and attend university once a month, sorting out any doubts and getting to know everyone a bit, is an advantage. I’ve improved my critical writing and bibliographical citation skills. And last but not least, the sensitivity, consideration, and friendliness of all of the teaching staff must be praised!



Antonio Riutort
Year 2010-2011
BA in Philosophy, MA in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE), PhD in Applied Linguistics. He is currently teaching Spanish as a foreign language
  “The master’s has an attractive programme. Its undertaking is a pleasure for those of us who enjoy Applied Linguistics. I have learnt interesting things, many of which will aid me in my teaching practice. At the same time, I believe this master’s to be necessary in the training of professionals in areas which are essential for society today”.


Gemma Aldevert
Year 2009-2010
Graduated in Catalan Language and Literature at Barcelona University and senior teacher at the High School in Alcarras from 1997
  "The subjects contents help you keep up with current trends in teaching. One of the best things in the master degree is how quick teachers answered all our doubts whenever there was something we did not understand in the modules. Even if it is a virtual course, we had the impression there was somebody taking care of us whenever we needed it. I think teachers have shown a great professionalism. I particularly liked the way teachers planned the face to face sessions. As nearly all of us were able to keep up-to-date with the activities, teachers solved our doubts … Well, they were very useful sessions.


M. Elena Beà
Year 2009-2010
BA in Catalan Philology


“In general, up until now all the subjects have seemed most interesting to me. I also believe the methodology of the master’s online to be a plus”.


pilar echauz_1

Pilar Echauz
Year 2009-2010
BA in Geography and History, coordinator of voluntary programmes and technician of the programme for older people
  “Overall, the master’s has fulfilled my expectations. I registered for the master’s because I wanted to improve my CV to be able to continue in the world of teaching. For me, ICT resources has been one of the subjects which I have enjoyed most on the master’s. The activities have been interesting and appropriate, and have made me think about new technologies and their incorporation into the classroom. I have also found the seminar on research techniques very useful”.


Àngels Martínez

Year 2009-2010
BA in Catalan Philology. She has undertaken tasks on teaching, linguistic advice and lexicography
  “In general, my evaluation is very positive. I would especially like to highlight the opportunity to follow an official master’s which is completely online (with the additional in-class sessions on Saturdays), and the benefits that this type of study offers (no timetable restraints, possibility of continual study wherever you are, etc.). Regarding the Virtual Campus, I found it easy to use and well-suited to the didactic purposes for which it is conceived”.



Isabelle Cochin
Year 2008-2009
BA in French Philology. French teacher and director of the Official Language School (EOI) of Tàrrega

  “The information provided is very fitting for completion of the tasks, and the bibliography is very detailed and interesting. The objectives are well-defined and the guidelines for carrying out the exercises are clearly outlined. In general, everything is very clear. Some subjects are complemented in a practical manner, which is interesting and enriching, while others contribute varied and pragmatic perspectives. We also have debates which have allowed for interesting dialogue, as we have been able to reflect and share the experiences of all participants. In general, all of the teaching staff have been attentive to our concerns, and email responses have been prompt. I also believe that meeting on a monthly basis has been very positive, both for clarifying certain points and also for having contact in person”.


Maite Fernández
Year 2008-2009
BA in English Philology (UdL) and postgraduate in Applied Linguistics in Teaching and Translation. She currently works as an English teacher at the secondary school Ermengol IV de Bellcaire d’Urgell (Lleida)


“I really appreciate the materials provided on the subjects and the knowledge of the teaching staff, as well as their flexibility and understanding.
On a different note, you form bonds with your colleagues that help keep you going”.


rosa martinez_1

Rosa Martinez
Year 2008-2009
BA in English Philology from the Universitat de Lleida (2004-08). She has worked as an English teacher at various educational centres, and is currently at the Acadèmia General d'Estudis

  “The structure of the subjects has been consistently good, and this has helped us a lot with our work. I particularly appreciate how the teaching staff prepared the units: with notes, bibliographies, links, examples of how to carry out the evaluation activities, and so on.
Allowing us to propose a topic for the final dissertation was most welcome, as those of us who wanted to expand our horizons were able to do so”.