Master's degree in Applied Languages (online)

Why study?

Those persons interested in this course may come from a wide variety of diploma courses that are related to the subject matter of this Master's Degree:

Philology  Linguistics         

Translation and Interpretation

Audiovisual Communication  Humanities


Child and Primary Education Journalism Speech Therapist


Yet, this Master's Degree is open to all those persons coming from non-related diploma courses, but who for professional or personal reasons wish to plunge in the subject matter of this course. The candidate should take the courses of the bridging module (face-to-face or e-learning) before being admitted to the master's programme.


Career opportunities: this Master's Degree trains students in two professional fields that are usually subdivided into different areas:

Teaching and learning languages Linguistic mediation for companies, institutions and general public
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Communication management

Elaboration of didactic materials

Discourse typology

First and Second Language Teaching

Language consultancy for companies and the civil service

Multiculuralism and Plurilingualism in the classroom

Subtitling of audiovisual material

Newcomers programme


Usage of technology as a tool for language learning

Textual edition and publishing




Usage of technology as a tool for mediation


This Master’s Degree may also serve as an introduction to research. Once students have finished the course, they may follow this track by pursuing PhD studies.  Students who wish to follow the research track will be given the choice of joining established research groups at the UdL:

Research team leader: Enric Llurda

Research team leader (UdL): Glòria Vázquez

Research team leader: Neus Vila