Master's degree in Applied Languages (online)


Once you have submitted the pre-enrolment form online, what's next?

You will find all the information in this link.

Master’s tuition fees

This is an official master which takes part of the European Higher Education Area, so the fees are public as they are established by the Administration. In July 2016, the Government of Catalonia has set the price of the credit of the masters in Catalonia for the course 2016-17. The price of each ECTS credit amounts to 46.11€. Thus, the price of the course will depend on the number of enrolled credits. First year students have to add an amount of 140€ in concept of university taxes. Moreover, they have to add 30€ in concept of pre-registration. Once paid, students will have to send the receipt of the payment with the rest of documentation.  Therefore, the enrolment fees for the whole 60 ECTS credits amounts to approximately 3,000€. Spanish students may pay in instalments, and participate in scholarships calls. Click here for further information.

Our master's program has received a teaching quality certificacion. What does it mean?

Every four year, Spanish master's programes have to go through a teaching quality accreditation process, in our case, certified by AQU. An external committee looks into the master's program in order to assess whether or not it complies with teaching quality standards, such as syllabus, instructors' profile and public information display). These AQU standards are in agreement with the standards  proposed by European certification agencies (ENQA- and EQAR- The external committee interviewed teaching staff, current students and graduates so as to obtain more information, and submit a report as accurate as possible

Are there any grants offered?

Check the section of Grants and Scholarship in the following website, where open calls for the master are available. (Read more)

I would like to pursue a PHD after this master's program. What do you offer me?

If you want to pursue a PhD with us after the master, professors of the master have experience in supervising doctoral thesis on the following areas: applied linguistics, linguistic mediation, language industries and plurilingualism and education. Professors belong to Consolidated Research GroupsCheck here the webs of the groups and contact the master's Coordinator for further queries.

Foreign students

Students that present any qualifications obtained in foreign educational systems will have to pay 216.63€ in concept of considering their academic career in order to access to the master. The fee will be paid in the enrollment process.

Are there any kind of validations offered or academic credits awarded?

Those students who can attest working experience in any issues of the master and/or preliminary training (PhD subjects, related masters or other studies) will be able to recognise credits even though legislation constraints. (Read more).